The venture

Le Bois du Lys is a non-profit association set up under the terms of the 1901 Act to offer social and family tourism services.

Its International Accommodation Centre is open to provide groups from all walks of life somewhere to stay, treating their individual differences with deference. It welcomes them to a well-designed, pleasant accommodation complex that the groups can use as their base for exploring the Ile de France Region and return to for a full range of hospitality services.

For some fifteen years, the centre has developed the scope of its tourism and leisure amenities, adopting the strategy of keeping them as keenly priced as possible to encourage diversity in the origins of its visitors and to foster international exchanges.

The association officers’ management credo is based on team accountability and independence in pursuit of properly balanced accounts.

While our clients and guests have a hand in developing the programme by making new demands, all our staff members working closely with the association’s officers, are instrumental in creating variations on themes, coming up with proposals as they go about their day-to-day management duties. The priceless staff commitment and involvement matches the board’s expectations and exemplifies this form of co-management.

The stated financial objective is to operate the centre and break even, while releasing enough funds to keep the facilities permanently up to standard. The cost structure is entirely based on the core business and the quality of service. The services offer excellent value-for-money as no expenditure is made on luxuries or image-building; furthermore all profits are ploughed back into the structure.

Le Bois du Lys - 380, chemin du clocher - 77190 DAMMARIE LES LYS - ILE DE FRANCE - FRANCE
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