Sweet treats



For over 300 years words have passed from mouth-to-mouth in high praise of the barley sugar made by the Moret Nuns. It was originally made by Benedictine nuns who founded a house at Moret in 1638, that they called the Priory of our Lady of Angels.

This one-of-a-kind sweet delighted the dignitaries, who used to take ample supplies of the confectionery away with them when the Court left Moret.

The museum is open from April to the end of October.



The poppy sweet was concocted in Nemours in 1870. "Des Lis” perpetuates the know-how by creating an aroma based on wild poppy flowers, hand-picked around the town of Nemours.

A number of specialities are created using this aroma including poppy liqueur, syrup and vinegar, candied poppy and poppy chocolate.

The subtle smell of cocoa pervades the 60-seater room on the 1st floor of the chocolate factory where visitors can watch a film, tour the guided exhibition on chocolate, attend chocolate-making demonstrations, taste samples and, yes, you can purchase chocolate at reduced prices.