Maître d’hôtel Package

Refreshment package is from 41 € per head and per day. Extra charge for room hire.

The catering includes:

  • coffee on arrival
  • mid-morning break (coffee, tea, orange juice, mini Danish pastries)
  • lunch (excludes alcoholic beverages) from the menu card “Maitre d’hôtel”. Table service enables to help themselves from serving dishes. Includes water and coffee.
  • mid-afternoon tea-break (coffee, tea, orange juice, biscuits or fruit).

Residential Seminar package is from 76 € per head and per person which includes:

  • dinner, accommodation in a multiple rooms, breakfast and the refreshment package.

Additional compulsory annual association membership fee applies: € 45 per group

A tourist tax is payable for adults (from 1.82 € to 2.53 € per person)

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